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Rudraksha refers to a stonefruit, the dried stones of which are used as prayer beads by Hindus (especially Shaivas), as well as by Buddhists, Sikhs, and Muslims. When they are ripe, rudraksha stones are covered by an inedible blue outer fruit so they are sometimes called “blueberry beads”.

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Astrology Products

Astrology is a process that identifies the most effective methods for improving our lives and steers us in that direction. This aids in the development of a better and happier life for ourselves. The astrological treatments aid in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences in a person’s natal chart, as well as harnessing the positive planets’ significations. Astrology products wholesale are designed to help people connect with their soul’s majestic and natural attributes, as well as to develop a relationship with God. Vedic astrology is transformative in nature, aiming to aid in the growth, evolution, and transcendence of constraints.

Gemstones, Yantras, Rosaries, Rudraksha, pendants, and rings tailored for a specific zodiac sign, as well as crystals and Parad objects, are all included in this astrology products shop. These astrology items operate as a protective barrier against all types of negative energies, assisting in the manifestation of material wealth, success, love, power, happiness, connection, peace, children’s welfare, wish fulfillment, and good health. – Top Astrology Ecommerce Store in India

Vedant Sharmaa is a renowned producer and supplier of online astrological products. Through our astrology products shop we offer a wide range of online astrological products, including Rudraksha Beads, 1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha, Yantra, Gems and Stones, Shaligrams, Vastu Pyramid, Vastu Crystal, Vastu Energy Plates, Rudraksha Necklace, Rudraksh Pendants, Rudraksh Kavach, Rudraksh Bracelets, and Rings, Feng Shui Products, Golden Dragons, Laughing Buddha, Golden Coins. We offer handcrafted Vedant Sharma products that are tailored to the needs of our customers.

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We specialize in offering Vedant Sharma products like Certified Gemstones, Original Rudraksha, Siddh Powerful Yantra, Crystal (Sfatik) Items, Parad Items, and Mala at Specializing in Certified Gemstones, Original Rudraksha, Siddh Powerful Yantra, Crystal (Sfatik) Items, Parad Items, and Mala at We’ve built a reputation for providing high-quality products and services to our customers throughout the years. At our astrology products shop, customers can buy real Vedant Sharmaa astrology products online straight from this eCommerce store. We, at, guarantee that you will receive our full attention and services.

With various companies sprouting up all over the internet advertising a plethora of Top astrology products wholesale that are neither original nor energetic, many innocent individuals have been confused and swindled in the past. We created with the goal of bringing the originality and purity of various sorts of astrology products online to the forefront of people’s minds. Please note that we do not use intermediaries and will fulfill your order without the involvement of a third party. This means that all of the Gemstones, Rudraksha, and Yantras you receive from us are 100% ORIGINAL, LAB-CERTIFIED, ENERGIZED, ATTUNED, and POWERFUL. is renowned for offering a wide range of astrology products wholesale list including astrology products such as gemstones, yantras, and other astrology-related items. We have a large selection of astrological items that are wonderfully made and carved. We chant some sacred mantras and a powerful Rudraksha Kawach to keep the Wearer safe. You may purchase Vedant Sharmaa Astro Products directly from our website.

What are the best online astrological products?

Rudraksha beads – Rudraksha beads are wonder beads that assist people in living a more full life.
Gemstones – Gemstones represent a planet and have the power to channel energy from that planet to you.
Yantra It symbolizes the inner states of human awareness as well as the evolution process. They guard us against negative energies and bring us good fortune, health, education, love, relationships, and riches.
Lucky Charms – It has the power to bring fortune and good luck to people of all religions and castes.
Crystal – Crystal increases an individual’s energy level, lowers stress, and improves their creativity.
Parad – It is a medication that is used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
Feng Shui – These objects are said to bring positivity, good luck, riches, and health to people’s life.
Puja Objects – These items are extremely strong and effective in one’s spiritual quest for enlightenment.


Rings Because rings are symbolic of luck and fortune, they must be worn with great care and attention to how they are worn, in what order, on which finger, on what day or occasion, and at what time.
Rudraksha It has a great deal of energy and force. It’s most well-known for its biological features, which include stress, hypertension, and blood pressure regulation.
Gemstones They are worn as protection amulets or as a fortune-telling instrument by those who have left significant advantages and benefits.
Kavach- It is a highly powerful Spiritual instrument that is made in a personalized method for the protection of the native from unpleasant situations, trauma, and disasters in life, and it protects him/her from all evil energies.
Bracelets A bracelet protects against negative energy brought on by the planets while enhancing the beneficial effects of the stones.
Rosary – The Original Rosary Mala is useful for chanting mantras and can provide healing effects in your life such as peace, success, joy, and happiness.
Pendant A pendant is thought to safeguard and soothe the wearer’s thoughts by converting bad energy into positive ones.
Rashi Bracelets – These can help to eradicate all negativity from one’s life, and wearing them according to one’s zodiac sign is more useful.

Astrology Products for Your Career

Pyracard – Business & Career Card

Pyra card, also known as the Business and Career Pyramid, is a career development tool that aids in business success. The new Pyra card pyramid Yantra will almost certainly increase your company’s revenues and sales. All businesspeople and shopkeepers should have this Pyracard. It provides you with more advantages in your business.

The new Pyra card-Business and Career pyramid produce astonishing business results while also increasing sales frequency. It is really simple and convenient to use. Pyra card is the answer to all those questions like, “How do you succeed in business?” Pyra card is the answer to all those questions like, “How do you succeed in business?” It is widely accepted all around the world.

Good Luck Bracelet with Powerful Stones

It is a strongly protective stone that aids in keeping you grounded in any scenario. It absorbs negative energy and soothes you when you’re stressed or worried. Hematite makes you feel balanced, peaceful, and centered when you wear it. This stone aids with the discovery of one’s own unique talents, as well as the removal of self-imposed limits. It is thought to be a potent good luck charm. personal development and new opportunity Good for sustaining prosperity, professional success, and affluence. Beneficial for those in positions of leadership since it promotes intelligence, authenticity, courage, and faith in one’s own talents. It’s also a good luck charm for investors. Heals and relieves painful emotions, particularly those from childhood.

Astrology Products for Health & Wealth

Health Unlimited Pendant

Throughout their lives, humans are exposed to a range of health imbalances. Everyone can benefit from a variety of medicinal remedies to manage their health imbalance. However, we have developed a pendant that has the mending frequencies for a variety of health imbalances in the body, with the goal of putting the body back into balance.

Health Power Rudraksha

The Rudraksha combo consists of two 3 Mukhi Rudraksha beads and three 5 Mukhi Rudraksha beads. It promotes healthy blood circulation and provides relief from stress, anxiety, and complexes. People with high blood pressure and diabetes will benefit from this product.

Astrology Products for Luck

Pyracard – Luck & Fortune Card

Pyracard – Fortune and Luck Pyramid is a new pocket-sized instrument that has been discovered to deliver the user money, fame, happiness, and a good reputation. It functions as a good luck charm as well as a key to success. Jiten Bhatt pioneered a novel approach of attracting success, luck, and fortune. It’s lightweight and ready to use. It has nine copper pyramids with a gold base disc at the bottom. Pyracard – Luck & Fortune Pyramid with FaMa Yatra on top is the ideal choice for you.

Astrology Products for Good Love Relationship

Love birds for improving Relationship

To promote relationships, keep love birds towards the southwest. The presence of love birds improves one’s love life. Keep a pair of love birds in your bedroom if you are single and planning to marry soon. Love birds are utilized to help people restore their relationships. They are seen as emblems of a long-lasting and strong connection.

Pyracard – Marriage and Love Card

Pyramid – marriage and love pyramid, a fantastic tool for finding a soul match. The most powerful instrument for resolving relationship or love marital issues. Now we present to you an incredibly strong relationship tool that will help you have a happy married life. People nowadays are dealing with a slew of issues that are making their lives a living nightmare, one of which is love issues. Vedant Sharmaa presents you the Pyracard – marriage and love pyramid, which is very easy to use and carry, to help you get rid of such undesired troubles and issues.

Astrology Products for Love Marriage

Love, Happy Married Life, for Marriage & Attraction Taweez

This Taweez is especially energized to increase love & Attraction in your life.

Products to Avoid Manglik Dosh

Manglik Dosh bracelet with yantra

This Manglik Dosh bracelet with yantra aids in the removal of mangal dosh obstacles in marriage protects you from accidents and enhances your health.

Astrology Products for Money

Money bracelet with yantra

 This product helps to attract money and wealth.

Money Attraction Pyramid

It is one of the best Vedant Sharma products that attracts fresh possibilities, wealth, and success into your life as a Wealth Attractor. Also, activate and balance the human body’s Root Chakra. For positive energy, aura cleansing, and Reiki healing, place the crystal Pyramid in your house or office. You can also use it to create a stress-free and profitable environment in your Sacred Altar or Healing Space.

Astrology Products to Travel Abroad

Pyracard – Foreign & Higher-Study Card

Pyracard is a foreign and higher-education institution. Pyramid is a revolutionary strategy for making your want and dream come true, whether it’s for higher education or international travel. Here is a new way and the true power of the pyramid Yantra to help you live a more successful and joyful life. You no longer need to be concerned about how you will travel abroad. To make your desire a reality, try Pyracard – Foreign and Higher-Study Pyramid once.

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